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Basic Technical Analysis Course

Technical analysis is a study of price, volume and momentum. It can be applied to Stock, Forex, Commodity or Cryptocurrency. It is highly used for Intraday and Swing trading.

Advance Technical Analysis Course

After learning basic technical analysis, we go to advance technical analysis. Refine more to get 80%to 90% accuracy.

About Technical Analysis Course

It is also a study of traders sentiment in the market. It is based on a simple concept that history and situations may repeat in the market. So, studying historical and current patterns in price we can find, where to buy or sell. In some cases we can even forecast future price movement using technical analysis.

However, if you want be successful in trading! The highest weightage goes to Money management.

Why Experienced Faculty is so Important in Technical Analysis Course ?

Price not only moves because of performance of companies but also due to price making by rich investors and companies. News and tv channels also affect price movement. So, many times technical analysis indicators may give fake signals.

In this scenario, you need highly experienced trainer to teach you technical analysis course, who can also mentor you time to time and correct your mistakes.

What we should study in a Technical Analysis Course?

There are primarily two types of studies:

1. Price Action 

2. Technical Indicators

Both are used to find out where to enter or exit in a stock. It is debatable, which type of study gives you better result. Not only this, as we mentioned before Money Management skill is most important. Let’s understand what are these:

Price Action Study in a Technical Analysis Course

Price action is study of direct price movement. Here, we mainly study various types of charts, patterns and volume. Mostly, three types of chart are studied Candlestick, Point and figure and Bar charts.

However, there are over 60 pattern to study in technical analysis course. Like, head and shoulder, cup and handle, harmonic patterns, M and W. You need a lot of practice to get command over these chart patterns. That’s why, it is called an art which you have to practice. But, then reward is amazing.

Technical Indicators

Technical Indicators are set of price data points connected together. There are over 100+ indicators in technical analysis. However, few most popular are RSI, Stochastic, Moving Average, supertrend, bollinger band, VWAP, and MACD.

Problem with technical indicator is they give signal after price moves significantly. Also, due to price making by market makers and news, they give lot of fake signals. So, it is advised that a technical indicator should not be used alone.

A good technical analysis online  course would cover the depth point of market which help to increase your accuracy and consistency in the market. .

Money Management

 It is about managing your capital, profits and losses from trading. If you use it wisely you can become rich from trading. Most people losing out of share trading, do not manage their money properly.

It includes your psychological behaviors like Fear and Greed. Investment management and wealth management. It focuses on common trading mistakes done by most traders and improve those mistakes. So, while delivering your technical analysis course online / offline our faculty take utter most care in working on students psychology and money management skills.

Behavioral Finance & Money Management

Under traders psychology, emotional trading and money management skills to grow your wealth.

  • Controlling our emotional buying 
  • Planning our expected rate of return
  • Wealth creation techniques by investment gurus.
  • Risk Management with financial planning 



  • Free DMAT and Trading Account.
  • Do intraday trading with faculty and make profits.
  • 1 year personal trading mistakes improvements.
  • Preparation of Technical Analysis exam conducted by NSE.
  • All classes taken by Mentor Prarit Chopra (Technical analyst and pursuing for Financial Risk Management)
  • Maximum Batch Size is 10.
  • Online Classes taken only in  Weekends.
  • How to analyze  NIFTY 50 and BANKNIFTY 
  • How to analyze option chain data
  • What is the role of FII & DII in the market.
  • What are the impacts of Dow Jones and S&P 500.
  • What are the impacts of SGX NIFTY 50.



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