Apple Inc. 144 +1 +1%
Google Inc. 100 +2 +2%
Intel Corporation 28 +0 +1%
Facebook, Inc. 194 +3 +2%
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Investment is wealth

Intraday Trading

Price movements of a given security over the course of one day of trading

Commodities Trading

A commodity trader is a business that focuses on investing in commodity market deals in Gold, silver and crude oil

Portfolio Investments

A portfolio investment is ownership of a stock, bond, or other financial asset with the expectation that it will earn a return or grow in value over time, or both

Our Services

Currency Trading

The foreign exchange market is a global decentralized or over-the-counter market for the trading of currencies.

F&O Trading

Futures and options (F & O) are tools used by investors when trading in the stock market.​

Hedging Solutions

Hedging refers to buying an investment designed to reduce the risk of losses from another investment

Basic Technical Analysis Course

Technical analysis is a study of price, volume and momentum. It can be applied to Stock, Forex, Commodity or Cryptocurrency. It is highly used for Intraday and Swing trading.

Advance Technical Analysis Course

After learning basic technical analysis, we go to advance technical analysis. Refine more to get 80%to 90% accuracy.

All of our trades and investments in wealth generating is based on

Market research Fundamental analysis Technical analysis Global market Sector & industry analysis

We use our domain expertise, and the application of the best technologies to carry out through analysis on the stock market and help clients to get higher returns on their investments.

The Wealth Generating

Golden Rules of Intraday

  •            Always do trading in a disciplined manner 

    ·         Your Account never face minus figure if you use 1:3 Risk-Reward Ratio (RRR)

    ·         Always use a small amount of capital in a single trade, this will help you to increase your opportunities and do max. number of trades.

    ·         Continuously Maintain Strict Stop Loss, and Don’t ever change the Stop loss. 

    ·         Keep Positive Attitude while Doing Intraday Trading. 

    ·         Study from your losses just as benefits, Keep notes what went good and what turned bad in your trading. 

    ·         Continuously Trade with market trends. 

    ·         Maintain daily profit targets, as well as losses also.

    ·          Overcome your desire and fear, both are hazardous. 

    ·         Don’t over trade more than your capital. 

    ·         Accept Intraday trading losses and analysis it to avoid losses next time.

    ·         Keep emotions aside, trade with your mind, not with your heart.


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The Wealth Generating is an Indian Based Investment advisory where we are in a constant pursuit to empower every Indian to choose and invest right investment asset. Our aim to make every customer successful in stock trading and investment by guiding them to invest wisely, for maximum profits.

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